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The dining experience in Krishnam Dhani is a feast for all the senses – while the eyes try to fathom the beautifully designed Belur Restaurant, consciousness will be overlapped by the aroma of cuisines or the soul-soothing live music. But in the end, it’s the taste buds that are satisfied the best!

The food will be served in "Pattal" on a "Chauki". Water and buttermilk will be served in "Kulhars" (the clay glasses). It all have an ambience of a typical Rajasthani household where "Satkar" (Welcome and Dinner) is a tradition. In the Krishnam Dhani manages to enthrall your taste buds throughout your stay.

And the best part of the food here is its health quotient. Most food items served here are made from organic ingredients. Most products come from a nearby organic village, which the resort is promoting.

The dining experience at the resort is the most important activity for the guest and the resort has left no stone unturned to make it unforgettable. In pursuit to offer the finest, the resort has not only created an ambiance with stunningly designed dining space, mixing it with traditional and modern elements. In this gastronomical citadel, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, food is prepared and served with great care and compassion. The evenings are made further more alluring with the live music where local musicians play melodious harmonies to enthrall guests.

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