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Krishnam Dhani has many hang-outs where you would like to spare some of your time, like:

Rain Dance Floor

Everybody loves adventures... But an adventure where you are all wet... And the water is still pouring... The music is loud and groovy, Where two estranged eyes meet... Where everyone... who else!!!... but your colleagues get to see your jalwa. Gone are the days when rain dances were performed in order to invoke rain and to ensure the protection of the harvest. Generation now believes in creating magic through artificial showers and the works. So we arranged an artificial fall in its natural look for all your family enjoyment.

Haat Bazaar (Traditional Market)

A haat (market) is maintained in all its traditional style, selling everything from printed bed covers to silver jewellery and the ubiquitous miniatures.

Traditional market is a handicraft market which offers traditional handicrafts and as well as many types of handmade products. The marketplace offers all kinds of locally made wooden products like toys, souvenirs, utility items and wooden jewelry. The handicrafts’ has sellers and artisans coming from all parts of India to sell their products which are a reflection of the tradition and culture of the place they come from.

party hall in pushkar
party hall in kishangarh
Conference Hall in pushkar
Conference Hall in kishangarh