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At Krishnam Dhani we try to provide past Rajasthani Culture with a lots of colors, entertainment, fun, dance, rhythmic music, and live shows. The shows and folk dances at Krishnam Dhani will chance you a glance of life away from the modern technology, where the old forms of entertainment are still surviving. You will enjoy magic shows, puppet shows, different rajasthani dances, astrologer and more under one roof...

Puppet Show:

String puppetry, known as "Kathputli Show", is one of the most vibrant aspects of Rajasthani culture. Kathputli is a join of two Rajasthani language words Kath meaning wood and Putli meaning a doll which has no life . Kathputli means a puppet which is made entirely from wood. However it is made out of wood, cotton cloth and metal wire.

Today Kathputli art is one of the most popular performing arts of Rajasthan after Ghoomar. The puppets in Rajasthan are one of the popular sources of entertainment in the state. The art of puppetry is practiced by a community of agricultural laborers of Rajasthan.

In the puppet shows of Rajasthan there are a number of wooden dummy dolls that are dressed up in bright and color attires. These puppets are attached with strings that the puppeteer uses to move them around. A miniature stage is set up with the help of a cot that is laid by length. The puppeteer tacks his puppets over a rope joined to the upper legs of the cots. The cots are covered with sheets in order to conceal the puppeteer from the view of the public. He moves the jointed limbs of the puppets with the help of strings attached to each of them.

Rajasthani puppetry is a source of pure joy, entertainment, cultural enrichment and artistic satisfaction.

Magic Show

There is nothing that captures the magical spirit of the lad as much as the conjuror who enthralls his audience with sleights of had and a range of tricks. Only the adventurous can volunteer to be sawed in half. Magic @ Swad Ri Dhani give you a glimpse of traditional magic shows at Indian Maharajas' courts. Our Magician will enchant you with his tricks and games and you will have totally dazzled by the spell and aura of the pompous ambience of the magical shows.

Folk Dance:

Rajasthan is culturally rich and has artistic and cultural traditions which reflect the ancient Indian way of life. There is rich and varied folk culture from villages which is often depicted and is symbolic of the state.

Entertainers and performers have been an integral part of the culture of Rajasthan since ages. The royal families had always been known to invite these performers at their courts and they traveled through the state, skillfully reciting and staging tales of both passion and valor. It was customary for the families to invite the Bhats, Dholis, Nats and Bhands to perform, sing and dance at all the family celebrations including births, marriages or any other festive occassions. Dholis feature in every Rajasthani marriage with their simple drums and deep bass of their voice. Some professional communities are known to give only typical performances especially in eastern Rajasthan. Bhopas usually sing only about Pabuji, a local hero and are also known for their Phad paintings. Then there are Kachhi Ghodi dancers, the puppeteers and the much-famed Kalbeliya dancers who are known for their rhythmic snake dances. The Langhas and Manganiyars from Jaisalmer have also got ample opportunities to give show performances all around the world in their simple and uncomplicated manner.

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