Frequent question: What type of soil does Chennai have?

Chennai is a port city in Bay of Bengal and two minor rivers flow through the city. Transported expansive soils, alluvial and marine in origin form the major soil deposit of the city. These occur either as a surface layer over soft clay or loose sand or the bottom layer below a pervious layer.

What type of soil is in Chennai?

The geology of Chennai comprises mostly clay, shale and sandstone. The city is classified into three regions based on geology, sandy areas, clayey areas and hard-rock areas. Sandy areas are found along the river banks and the coasts. Clayey regions cover most of the city.

Which type of soil is in Tamil Nadu?

The predominant soils of Tamil Nadu are red loam, laterite, black, alluvial and saline soils. Red Loam : This soil occupies a large part of the State particularly interior districts including the coastal districts.

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How many soil types are there in Tamil Nadu?

The soils in Tamil Nadu are broadly classified into five types according to their characteristics. They are 1.

Which type of soil is found in South India?

Laterite soils are formed from chemical decomposition of rocks. soils mainly contain iron oxide which gives them characteristic pink or red color. These soils are found in Central,Eastern and Southern India.

What types of plants are found in Chennai?

The vegetation is mainly of the tropical dry evergreen type, and over 350 species of plants have been found including trees, shrubs, climbers, herbs and grasses. Chital and Blackbuck graze in the open grassland on the northern end of the park.

What are the types of soil in Tamil?

The major soil groups of Tamil Nadu are: Red soils, (62 per cent) Black soils (12 per cent) Laterite soils (3 per cent) and.

As per the USDA system of soil classification (Taxonomy), the soils of Tamil Nadu are classified in to Six orders viz,

  • Entisols.
  • Inceptisols.
  • Alfisols.
  • Mollisols.
  • Ultisols and.
  • Vertisols.

Is Alfisol a red soil?

Sustainable Management of Dryland Alfisols (Red Soils) in South India.

What are the major soil types in Kerala and Tamil Nadu?

Soils of Kerala

  • Coastal alluvium.
  • Mixed alluvium.
  • Acid saline soils.
  • Laterite soils.
  • Black cotton soils.
  • Red soils.
  • Hill soils.
  • Forest soils.

What is Tamil Nadu crops?

The major crops sown in Tamil Nadu are rice, jowar, ragi, bajra, maize, and pulses. Few other crops that are highly cultivated in the regions of Tamil Nadu are cotton, sugarcane, tea, coffee, and coconut. Tamil Nadu has also gained a commendable status is the horticultural sector in its agricultural department.

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Is red soil found in Tamil Nadu?

Red soils cover over two-thirds of the total area of Tamilnadu. It is found mostly in the central districts of the state. It is sandy and loamy in texture. However, the characteristics of red soils change based on their formation and the climatic condition under which it is formed.

Which soil is found in Nilgiris?

The soils of Nilgiri district can be broadly classified into 5 major soils types viz., Lateritic soil, Red sandy soil, Red loam, black soil, Alluvial and Colluvial soil. Major Page 8 part of the district covered by Lateritic soil. The Red sandy soil and Red loams are occurring as small patches.

What is the Colour of the soil of the Tamil Nadu?

The correct answer is Red Soil. The soil evolves a reddish colour due to a wide diffusion of iron in crystalline and metamorphic rocks. It looks yellow when it occurs in a hydrated form.

In which state mountain soil is found?

These soils occupy approximately 8.7% of the total land area of India, including the Himalayan region of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttaranchal, and also some parts of the Western and Eastern Ghats and the Peninsular plateau.

In which state black soil is found?

Black soils are derivatives of trap lava and are spread mostly across interior Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh on the Deccan lava plateau and the Malwa Plateau, where there is both moderate rainfall and underlying basaltic rock.

In which state red soil found?

Approximately 10.6% of the total geographical area of India is covered by red soil, including Tamil Nadu, parts of Karnataka, southeastern Maharashtra, eastern Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Chota Nagpur (Jharkhand), south Bihar, West Bengal (Birbhum and Bankura), Uttar Pradesh (Mirzapur, …

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