Which is the best place to live in Navi Mumbai?

Which area is best in Navi Mumbai?

Top 5 Localities To Rent A Home In Navi Mumbai

  • Kharghar. Livability score: 8.1. Average price: Rs 8,949/sqft. …
  • Ghansoli. Livability score: 8. Average price: Rs 11,535/ sqft. …
  • Airoli. Livability score: 8.3. Average price: Rs 11,693/sqft. …
  • Panvel. Livability score: 7.6. Average price: Rs 7,046/ sqft. …
  • Ulwe. Livability score: 7.

Which is best place to buy house in Navi Mumbai?

Here is a list of the Top 5 places to invest in Navi Mumbai.

  • KHARGHAR. Kharghar is undoubtedly, a real estate hotspot for Navi Mumbai. …
  • PANVEL. Panvel has emerged as a booming space to invest in. …
  • VASHI. This place has its importance as the gateway to Navi Mumbai. …
  • ULWE.

Is Navi Mumbai Good for living?

After Mumbai city, Navi Mumbai is the most sought-after place when it comes to affordable housing. With the basic social and retail infrastructure already in a good developmental phase, these areas are expected to see a further boom in real estate prices.

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Is Navi Mumbai posh area?

Vashi. Vashi is the most sought-after place in Navi Mumbai, but buying property in Vashi can be costlier as the place is adjacent to Mumbai. Sector 26, Sector 27, and Sector 28 are the posh areas of Vashi which are also quiet places to reside.

Is Vashi good place to live?

Vashi is a good locality. It has good connectivity to mall, schools, hospitals, markets, temples, banks and ATMs. Vashi is a good locality. It has good connectivity to schools, colleges, hospitals, temples, parks, markets, malls, banks and ATMs.

Which is better Mumbai or Navi Mumbai?

Under the category of physical (infrastructure), the city has secured the first position. Together, these have brought the city third rank while Navi Mumbai has done much better on several fronts, bagging the second position. The city has also come second in identity and culture and sixth in housing and inclusiveness.

Is Panvel a good place to live?

Panvel is also closer to Mumbai-Pune expressway and Sion-Panvel highway. This makes it a good choice for investing in property in Panvel. Also as compared to the traffic snarls in Mumbai, Panvel is calm and there are no traffic woes as such.

Is it good to invest in property in Panvel?

This prime area of Navi Mumbai has emerged in no time and investing in its properties is a huge profitable statement for common buyers. Unlike other jammed parts of Mumbai, Panvel offers a fresher perspective of life with lots of breathable space. Panvel offers excellent rail-road connectivity.

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Is Dronagiri good for investment?

Why does Dronagiri make for a promising real estate investment? Infrastructural growth and subsequent housing demand are key factors which have led to Dronagiri’s rise in recent times. Here’s looking at some of the factors which make Dronagiri ideal for investment by both end users and investors.

How is life at Navi Mumbai?

Navi Mumbai is situated across two districts, Thane and Raigad. The city has been ranked 12th among 73 cities surveyed for cleanliness and hygiene by the Union Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) and Quality Council of India (QCI) as a part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Why is Navi Mumbai better than Mumbai?

Navimumbai is one the most planned city in India, comparatively Mumbai is very densely populated. Navi Mumbai is divided into nodes and thereafter in nodes. It has clean roads, footpaths and better-equipped railway stations. Mumbai as a city lacks overall cleanliness.

What is good about Navi Mumbai?

Navi Mumbai, formerly known as the New Bombay, is the city that has catered to dreams of oodles of people. This treasure-trove city must-be a part of every traveler’s list as its historic and natural charisma has no bounds.

Which is better Ulwe or Panvel?

Easy accessibility with key employment centres of Belapur, Nerul, Vashi, Taloja, and Kalamboli is one of the reasons why Panvel is preferred over Ulwe for rental housing. This is also the reason why rental values in this locality are slightly higher than the latter.

What comes under Navi Mumbai?

Navi Mumbai is situated across two districts, Thane and Raigad.

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Navi Mumbai
Country India
State Maharashtra
Districts Includes parts of Thane, Raigad districts
Planned, Developed and Owned By CIDCO, NMMC

Is kamothe good place to live?

Kamothe is a very good locality. It is near to schools, colleges, hospitals and markets. It is well connected to roads.