Which state has lowest density in India?

What is the highest and lowest density of India?

The state with the lowest population density is Arunachal Pradesh and the Union Territory with the lowest density of population is Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The Union Territory with the highest population density is Delhi.

Which state has the smallest density?

In 2020, Washington, D.C. had the highest population density in the United States, with 11,686 people per square mile. As a whole, there were 93 residents per square mile in the U.S., and Alaska was the state with the lowest population density, with 1.28 residents per square mile.

Which state is least populated?

Wyoming is the least populated US state. Wyoming’s population is 83.7% white, 10.1% Hispanic or Latino, 2.7% Native American, 1.3% African American and 1.1% Asian.

What state has highest density?

Alaska is the largest states in the U.S. Compared to the other states, the District of Columbia covers a tiny area of just 68 miles², yet it has a population of 703,608, which makes it by far the densest state of all at 11,685.61 people per mile².

What is low population density?

Have a population density less than 100 people per square mile. Comprise at least 25 percent of the total land area of the place. Consist of 25 square miles or more. The first two conditions, and either the third or the fourth, must apply.

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What is the population density of Bihar?

At the 2011 Census, Bihar was the third most populous state of India with a total population of 104,099,452, nearly 89% of it rural. It was also India’s most densely populated state, with 1,106 persons per square kilometre. The sex ratio was 918 females per 1000 males.

Which Indian state has highest density of 2021?

Top 5 Indian States with Highest Population Density 2021

Rank States Density (2021)
1 Bihar
2 West Bengal
3 Kerala
4 Uttar Pradesh

Which state highest density of road in India?

Kerala has the highest road density in India followed by Tripura. Kerala has a road network of 5,268.69 km per 1,000 sq km.

What are the 4 smallest states?

Ten Smallest States

Rank State Total Area (km2)
1 Rhode Island 3,144
2 Delaware 5,130
3 Connecticut 14,357
4 New Jersey 22,591

Which state has largest population in India?

Uttar Pradesh with a population of more than 166 million holds distinction of being the most populous state in the country followed by Maharastra (97 million) and Bihar (83 million).