Which was the last team to defeat India in a Test series in India?

Which team last won a Test series in India?

The series triumph ensured that Team India extended its series winning streak to more than 8 years, the first of which came against Australia back in 2013.

Key Highlights.

Series Number of Tests Result
2018-2019 – India v. West Indies 2 India 2-0
2019-2020 – India v. South Africa 3 India 3-0

Has India lost a Test series in India?

India’s only home Test series loss in 12yrs came against Eng. England cricket team, with their 2-1 win over India in the 2012 series, is the only side to win a Test series in India in the last 12 years.

Which is the last Test series India lost?

The last time India lost a Test series at home was vs England in 2012. The last time they drew at home was vs South Africa in 2010.

Which team has never won a Test series in India?

The three-match test series is very important for Team India and Captain Virat Kohli as South Africa is the only country where the Indian team has never won a test series. Captain Kohli would like to lead the side to win the series and change history.

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Which team won most Test series?

As of March 2021, the most successful team in Test cricket, in terms of both wins and win percentage, is Australia, having won 393 of their 830 Tests (47.24%).

Has India won a Test series in Pakistan?

The two sides first played in 1952, when Pakistan toured India.

India–Pakistan cricket rivalry.

Latest meeting 8–12 December 2007 (Test) 16 June 2019 (ODI) 24 October 2021 (T20I)
Meetings total Test: 59 ODI: 132 T20I: 9
Most wins Test: (Pakistan 12; India 9) ODI: (Pakistan 73; India 55) T20I: (India 6; Pakistan 2)

Has Australia won Test series in India?

Australia has won their only Test series in India back in their 2004-05 tour but their current players are yet to taste that success although they came very close in 2017 but were eked out 1-2.

Has England won Test series in India?

England’s 2–1 Test series win was their first series victory in India since the 1984–85 tour.

English cricket team in India in 2012–13.

England cricket team in India in 2012–13
Captains MS Dhoni Alastair Cook (Tests & ODIs) Eoin Morgan (T20Is)
Test series
Result England won the 4-match series 2–1

Is India won any Test series in England?

India won the first Pataudi Trophy in England in 2007. Series are played in accordance with the International Cricket Council’s future tours programme, with varying lengths of time between tours.

Pataudi Trophy.

The Pataudi Trophy
Countries England India
Number of teams 2
Current trophy holder TBD
Most successful England (3 titles)
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How many times India lost a Test series in India?

Team wins, losses, draws and ties

As of January 2022, India played 560 Test matches resulting in 166 victories, 173 defeats, 220 draws and 1 tie for an overall winning percentage of 29.64.

Who is the captain of Test match of India?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Saturday named Rohit Sharma as the captain of India’s Test team ahead of the upcoming series against Sri Lanka.

Has Sri Lanka won Test series in India?

Sri Lanka will be led by Dimuth Karunaratne. Sri Lanka has never won a Test match in India. Out of 20 Tests between India and Sri Lanka on Indian soil, India has won 11 matches while 9 games ended in a draw.