Your question: Can I buy a gift card for someone in India?

You can create a gift voucher with a denomination of your desire and give it out to your loved one and they can buy anything they like to. And since you want to do this from outside India, you will need to require an Indian based bank account / debit / credit card.

Can I buy an Amazon gift card for someone in India?

Yes, you can gift your Amazon cards to anyone you like. You may also choose to buy and gift products through the card.

Can I use US gift card in India?

Visa , Master card and American Express Gift cards can be used internationally .

Can I buy a gift card for someone in another country?

All say (in one way or another) that their gift cards are country-specific, meaning that their gift cards can only be used in their country of origin and that the company will not sell a gift card to someone with a foreign address or payment method.

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Are gift cards legal in India?

Regulations on E-Wallets, Gift Cards and Vouchers Given a Facelift. Closed-loop prepaid instruments not regulated by RBI. RBI authorization required to issue prepaid instruments which can be redeemed for goods or services from third parties. Non-banks permitted to issue prepaid instruments with cash withdrawal.

Which gift card is best in India?

Top Gift Cards

  • YouGotaGift Happy Card.
  • Joyalukkas Gold Jewellery.
  • Joyalukkas Diamond.
  • Big Bazaar E-Gift Card.
  • Van Heusen E-Gift Card.
  • Makemytrip Holiday E-Gift Card.
  • Titan E-Gift card.

Can I use US Google Play gift card in India?

Now there is one limitation with Google Play gift cards, that they are only available for residents of the USA. Hence, if you try to redeem the code outside the US then you’ll see the message “Gift cards are not available in your location“.

How can I use my US gift card on Amazon India?

In order to use Amazon Gift card in the, you have to pen the Amazon pay page and then click on “ADD GIFT Card” option. ON that page, just enter the gift card code and confirm. Gift card would be added instantly under Amazon Pay Balance.

Can you send Amazon gift card internationally?

Can the gift card be used on another Amazon website in another country? No, Gift Cards can only be used to purchase eligible goods and services on However, the gift card recipient can use the Gift Card on and then ship to their address of choice either in the US or in another country.

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How can I use Visa gift card in India?

So for example, if you have HDFC Bank GiftPlus card, you can swipe it at all merchant outlets that accept Visa cards within India. Gift Cards are considered as Prepaid Cards, so anytime you swipe the card for a purchase, the amount is automatically deducted from the value of the funds loaded on the card.

How can I send someone a gift to another country?

E-commerce websites, food, flowers and money transfers are all fantastic options to send gifts abroad online. Educate yourself on these options, and save yourself stress by mastering currency exchange, international duties and taxes.

What gift cards allow international purchases?

International prepaid cards – a list

  • Wise multi-currency Mastercard. …
  • Revolut. …
  • Travelex Money Card. …
  • N26. …
  • Western Union Netspend. …
  • PayPal Prepaid. …
  • Netspend. …
  • Card Prepaid.

Can I buy an Apple gift card for someone in another country?

Answer: A: iTunes Gift cards are nation specific. They must be purchased in the country in which you intend them to be used. Apple has no facility for you to make purchaes from one country in another.

Which card is available in India?

10 Best Credit Cards in 2022:

Credit Card Joining Fee Annual Fee
Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card Rs.250
IndianOil Citi Credit Card Rs.1,000
HDFC Freedom Credit Card Rs.500
Axis Bank Neo Credit Card Rs.250 Rs.250

Can I buy iTunes card in India?

There aren’t any iTunes Store gift cards intended for India. You can biy iTunes Store content, but it needs to be paid for with a credit or debit card. An iTunes gift card is a physical item. iTunes Store purchases are a variety of electronic media.

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Is there iTunes gift card in India?

Answer: A: According to this: Payment methods that you can use with your Apple ID – Apple Support iTunes Gift cards are not an accepted payment method in India.