Best answer: Which is DLI station in Delhi?

Old Delhi railway station (station code: DLI), is the oldest railway station of Delhi Union Territory and a junction station. It is one of the busiest railway stations in India in terms of frequency.

Is DLI and NDLS same?

Station code of Delhi is DLI. Here are some popular nearby railway stations of Delhi – New Delhi (NDLS), Anand Vihar (ANVR), Delhi Cantt (DEC), Delhi S Rohilla (DEE), Delhi Shahdara (DSA), Delhi Safdarjng (DSJ), H Nizamuddin (NZM), New Adreshnagarh (ANDI), Anand Vihar Terminal (ANVT), Subzi Mandi (SZM), etc.

Which metro station is near to DLI railway station?

The Chandni Chowk Metro station is the nearest one to Old Delhi Railway Station in Delhi.

Is DLI and Nzm same?

Delhi Railway Station (DLI) and Nizamuddin Railway Station (NZM) are on same distance.

How many railway station are there in Delhi?

This is a list of total of 46 Railway stations in Delhi, India (including 21 stations on Ring Railway route).

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How far is NDLS from DLI?

New Delhi to Old Delhi Long-Distance Trains, Shortest Distance: 3 km – Railway Enquiry.

How can I go NDLS to DLI?

The best way to get from New Delhi Station to Old Delhi is to bus which takes 16 min and costs ₹5 – ₹25. Alternatively, you can line 04340 train, which costs ₹80 – ₹550 and takes 20 min.

Which station is NDLS?

New Delhi railway station (station code: NDLS) is the main railway station in Delhi, situated between Ajmeri Gate and Paharganj.

Which is the nearest metro station for Chandni Chowk market?

What’s the nearest metro station to CHANDNI CHOWK MARKET in Delhi? The Lal Quila station is the nearest one to CHANDNI CHOWK MARKET in Delhi.

How do I get from Old Delhi Railway Station to New Delhi railway station?

The best way to get from Old Delhi station to New Delhi Station is to line 04339 train which takes 20 min and costs ₹80 – ₹550. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs ₹5 – ₹25 and takes 23 min.

Which is the last station of Delhi?

Train Stations and Station Code of Delhi

# Code Station Name
01 NDLS New Delhi
02 NZM Hazrat Nizamuddin
03 DLI Delhi Junction
04 DEE Delhi Sarai Rohilla

What is full form of NDLS?

New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS)

How many platforms are there in Howrah?

Howrah railway station

Line(s) Howrah–Delhi main line Howrah–Nagpur–Mumbai line Howrah–Chennai main line Howrah–Nagpur–Ahmedabad line Howrah–Allahabad–Mumbai line Howrah–New Jalpaiguri line Howrah–Gaya–Delhi line Howrah–Bardhaman Main Line Howrah–Bardhaman chord Grand Chord
Platforms 23
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Which is the biggest railway station in Delhi?

New Delhi Railway Station. Located in the centre of Delhi, 2 kilometers from Connaught Place, New Delhi Railway Station is the largest and busiest station in India, handling an average of 360,000 passengers daily. The station serves more than 300 railway lines and is well-connected to a number of Indian cities.

Which is the biggest railway station in India?

Gorakhpur Junction railway station

Gorakhpur Junction
Owned by Indian Railways
Operated by North Eastern Railway
Line(s) Lucknow–Gorakhpur line Gorakhpur-Gonda Loop Line Via Barhni
Platforms 10 platforms Length– 1,366 m (4,482 ft)

Which station is near to Taj Mahal?

The nearest train station to Taj named Agra Fort Railway Station, 3KM to Taj Mahal. There is no direct train to Orchha. You can take train to Jhansi Junction and by bus to Orchha. All trains to Jhansi Junction are depart at Agra Cantonment railway station, the railway station is 6KM from Taj.