Quick Answer: What did Gandhi and other Indian nationalists want quizlet?

Gandhi wanted demonstrations to be peaceful, not violent. India granted full independence, and divided into Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India.

What were the goals of the Indian nationalist movement?

The initial goal of the Indian National Congress was to promote Indian nationalism and give a voice to the independence movement that was aimed at British imperialism in India. In fact, the early actions of the Indian National Congress focused on promoting self-government for Indian people.

What were the goals of the Indian nationalist movement quizlet?

What was its goal? In 1885, a small group of Indians met in Mumbai to form the Indian National Congress(INC). The goal of INC was to seek independence for all Indians, regardless of class or religious background.

What were the two Indian nationalist groups?

This ideology has become the cornerstone of the political and religious agendas of modern Hindu nationalist bodies like the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

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What role did Gandhi play in Indian nationalism?

His non-violent resistance helped end British rule in India and has influenced modern civil disobedience movements across the globe. Widely referred to as Mahatma, meaning great soul or saint in Sanskrit, Gandhi helped India reach independence through a philosophy of non-violent non-cooperation.

What is the meaning of nationalist movement?

As a movement, nationalism tends to promote the interests of a particular nation (as in a group of people), especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining the nation’s sovereignty (self-governance) over its homeland to create a nation state.

Why did India want to become independent?

India wanted independence due to the economic exploitation of the country by its colonial master, Great Britain.

What was the main goal of Indian National Congress?

Its aim was to obtain a greater share in government for educated Indians, and to create a platform for civic and political dialogue between them and the British Raj.

What was the goal of the Indian National Congress in the early 1900s quizlet?

What was the goal of the Indian National Congress in the early 1900s? The goal of the Indian National Congress was to suggest changes in the British Government.

What did the Indian National Congress do quizlet?

A movement and political party founded in 1885 to demand greater Indian participation in government. Its membership was middle class, and its demands were modest until World War I. Led after 1920 by Mohandas K. … He became leader of the Indian National Congress in 1920.

What were the reason for the rise of nationalism in India Class 10?

In 1919, the First World War broke out in Europe, which had far-reaching consequences in the entire world. This war ignited the fight for India’s Independence. It ignited the spirit of nationalism in India due to the emergence of the Satyagraha and the Non-Cooperation Movement.

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What 2 nationalist groups were formed?

Indian Nationalism Grows

Two groups formed to rid India of foreign rule: the primarily Hindu Indian National Congress, or Congress Party, in 1885, and the Muslim League in 1906. Though deep divisions existed between Hindus and Muslims, they found com- mon ground.

Who was the first nationalist in India?

The Early Nationalists, also known as the Moderates, were a group of political leaders in India active between 1885 and 1907. Their emergence marked the beginning of the organised national movement in India. Some of the important moderate leaders were Pherozeshah Mehta and Dadabhai Naoroji.

Who is popularly known as the father of Indian nationalism?

Father’ of Indian Nationalism: the Late Sir Surendranath Banerjea.