You asked: How far is Houston to India?

How many hours is it from Houston to India?

18 hours, 27 minutes

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How far is India from me by plane?

The calculation of flight time is based on the straight line distance from United States to India (“as the crow flies”), which is about 8,422 miles or 13 554 kilometers. Your trip begins in the United States.

Which country is close to Houston?

Comprising a total area of 637.4 square miles (1,651 km2), Houston is the ninth-most expansive city in the United States (including consolidated city-counties).


Houston, Texas
Country United States
State Texas
Counties Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery
Incorporated June 5, 1837

How far is Indiana from Houston by plane?

The shortest distance (air line) between Houston and Indiana is 925.81 mi (1,489.95 km).

How far is Houston Texas from me by plane in hours?

Flying time from Maine to Houston, TX

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The total flight duration from Maine to Houston, TX is 4 hours.

How long is USA from India?

Distance from India to United States is 13,595 kilometers.

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between India and United States is 13,595 km= 8,448 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from India to United States, It takes 15.08 hours to arrive.

What is the longest flight in the world?

What is the longest flight in the world by distance? The longest flight in the world by distance is QR921. Qatar Airlines’ Auckland to Doha route comes in at 14,535 km/9,032 mi/7,848 nm.

Which country is farthest from India?

Chile, the farthest country from India at a distance of 17000 km on the edge of Antarctic, is ready to cooperate with India on many fronts, from a study of glaciers to help conserve water to training troops in the Indian mountains and deserts.

Is Houston Texas Safe?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM. Overall, Houston is a safe city, where much of criminal activities occur in sketchy neighborhoods and areas that are of no interest to visitors. However, remain vigilant around tourist landmarks, since pickpockets are an issue, and keep an eye out for suspicious activities wherever you go.

Is Houston the biggest city in the world?

Houston is the fourth most populous city in the nation, with an estimated July 2018 population of 2,325,502 (trailing only New York, Los Angeles and Chicago), and is the largest in the southern U.S. and Texas.

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Is Houston a good place to live?

Houstonians love their city — and for good reasons — according to new rankings released by U.S. News & World Report. Greater Houston received a 6.9 score out of 10 in for the Best Places to Live list, which is heavily weighted by the Quality of Life and Value categories.

How far is Indianapolis from Houston by plane?

Distance between Indianapolis, IN (IND) and Houston, TX (IAH) Flight distance from Indianapolis to Houston (Indianapolis International Airport – Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport) is 844 miles / 1359 kilometers / 734 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 2 hours 5 minutes.

How far is Indianapolis from Houston Texas by plane?

The distance from Indianapolis to Houston by plane is 844 Miles. This is the air distance on the most direct route taken by the vast majority of flights.