You asked: Which port has been developed to relieve the pressure of Chennai port?

Tuticorin Port was also developed to relieve the pressure of Chennai port. It deals with a variety of cargo, including coal, salt, food grains, edible oils, sugar, chemicals and petroleum products.

Which ports are made to release pressure on Chennai port?

Ennore: This port has recently been developed to reduce pressure of traffic on Chennai port. Located slightly in the north of Chennai on the Tamil Nadu coast, this is the country’s first corporate port.

Which of the following ports was developed as a subsidiary port to relieve the growing pressure on the Kolkata port?

Haldia port was developed as a subsidiary port, in order to relieve growing pressure on the Kolkata port.

How many ports are in Chennai?


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The state of Tamil Nadu has the natural coast line to a length of 992 km, on which there are three major ports and fifteen minor ports situated.

Which of the following fort was developed to relieve the pressure on Kolkata port?

Haldia port or Haldia Dock Complex has been built at the meeting place of the Haldi River and Hooghly River.

Which port is in Chennai?

Chennai Port, formerly known as Madras Port, is the second largest container port of India, behind Mumbai’s Nhava Sheva. The port is the largest one in the Bay of Bengal.

Chennai Port
Annual cargo tonnage 51.88 million tonnes (2017–18)
Annual container volume 1.55 million TEUs (2014–2015)

Which port is known as Jawaharlal Nehru Port?

Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) or JLN Port, also known as Nhava Sheva Port, is the largest container port in India. Located in Navi Mumbai’s Raigad district, this port on the Arabian Sea is accessed via Thane Creek. It’s a nodal city of Navi Mumbai.

Which port has been developed to decongest Kolkata port 10?

Kandla is a sea port situated at the head of the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat State.

Which major port has been developed to decongest Kolkata port?

Which one of the following major ports has been developed to decongest Kolkata port? Kandla.

Which is the biggest port in India?

Mumbai Port, Maharashtra

In operation since 1873, Mumbai Port is India’s second oldest port (Kolkata being the oldest). It is also India’s largest port by size, spread over a 46.3-hectare area with a pier length touching 8,000 km.

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When was Chennai port built?

Maritime trade started way back in 1639 on the sea shore Chennai. It was an open road -stead and exposed sandy coast till 1815. The initial piers were built in 1861, but the storms of 1868 and 1872 made them inoperative.So an artificial harbour was built and the operations were started in 1881.

Why Chennai port is called artificial port?

It mainly handles petroleum products, fertilizers, iron-ore and general cargo. An artificial harbour has been created in an area of 80 hectares near the coast. As it has been created by the mankind thats the reason it is known as Artificial Port.

Which port is the oldest port in India?

Kolkata Port Trust, India’s oldest port, to lease area as big as London Docklands.

Which one of the following ports is a tidal port?

Examples of Tidal ports in India are Kandla Port and Kolkata port. Kolkata port is an inland riverine port, as it is a tidal port it requires constant dredging. When there are high tides, it will be easier for the ships to enter the harbour.

Which port was decongest in Mumbai port?

Kandla Port: Located in the Gulf of Kutch, it is one of the prominent ports on the West Coast of the country. The port was developed to decongest Mumbai Port.

Which of the following ports of India is an open sea port?

The correct answer is Mumbai. Mumbai seaport has been renamed Jawaharlal Nehru Port. Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT) is also known as Nhava Sheva Port.

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