Your question: How can I use Whatsapp number in India?

-After WhatsApp is installed, the app will ask for a phone number for OTP-based registration. -Select India code (+91) followed by the landline number with STD code. But omit the 0 on front, if any. So, if your landline number with STD code is 0332654XXX4 then add+91332654XXX4.

How can I use US WhatsApp number in India?

Enter the U.S. Number on WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp and enter the Primo app U.S. number there and click on continue. Wait for some seconds and tap on the Call Me option. The user will now get a call from the developer and reveal the verification code. Enter it to verify the WhatsApp account.

How can I get us WhatsApp number for free in India?

The procedure is almost similar to Primo:

  1. You can find the app in Google Play. …
  2. Open the app and you will be required to register. …
  3. Go to the left top area and click on the menu option. …
  4. Simply click on it and you will be required to provide the information of your country.
  5. Choose US with the code number.
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Can I use WhatsApp in India?

Yes whatsapp call works fine in India,one country which I knows where whatsapp call is blocked is UAE.

Can I use my WhatsApp number in another country?

When you are traveling out of the country, you can still use WhatsApp account via mobile data or Wi-Fi. If you use a local SIM card while you are traveling, you can still use WhatsApp with your home number.

How can I get a free US WhatsApp number?

Best apps to get a us mobile number to create a whatsapp account

  1. Burner.
  2. textPlus.
  3. Hushed.
  4. Talkatone.
  5. Text Me.
  6. Flyp.
  7. Sideline.
  8. Text Free.

How can I get us WhatsApp number for free?

Method 2: Getting A Free US Number on Textnow

  1. Now Download the Textnow app on your Android or iOS device, then click on sign-up. Fill in your details like Name, Username, Email and password. …
  2. Then allow Textnow to access your location, you’ll be given a free USA number based on your VPN location.

Can I use TextNow number to open WhatsApp?

Keep the TextNow app activated in the background or simply launch it. In no time, you will get an authentication call on your TextNow number, stating the verification code for WhatsApp. Once you have the verification code for your virtual number, you can launch WhatsApp and complete the initial setup.

What app can i use to create USA number?

Why OpenPhone is the best option for a US phone number

OpenPhone works on iOS and Android devices on mobile, and web browsers for desktop users. For international businesses, OpenPhone gives you the ability to create a US phone number in just a few minutes.

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How can I get UK WhatsApp number for free?

Open the WhatsApp app and go to Settings, click on the Account option, and you will see the option to change your WhatsApp Number. Enter the OTP code and wait for your WhatsApp number to be replaced with your UK number. You’ve successfully created a UK number for your WhatsApp.

Is WhatsApp free in India?

WhatsApp will not charge Indian users due to the lack of credit and debit card penetration in the country. WhatsApp, the popular Facebook owned instant messaging service has always been free for a year, and beyond it users need to shell out a nominal $1 a year fee to further use it.

Is WhatsApp banning in India?

WhatsApp recently announced that it has banned over 20 lakh accounts in India from using its services in the month of October 2021. It had earlier banned over 30.27 lakh Indian accounts for violating its terms of service.

WhatsApp started in India?

After months at beta stage, the official first release of WhatsApp launched in November 2009, exclusively at the App Store for iPhone. In January 2010, support for BlackBerry smartphones was added; and subsequently for Symbian OS in May 2010, and for Android OS in August 2010.

What is the country code for India?

If you don’t see this option, it might not be supported in your country.

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Tap More options > Settings > Chats > App Language.
  3. Select the language you want.