Are trains running Mumbai to Pune?

Ans: There are 24 daily trains that operate from Mumbai to Pune.

Which trains are running between Mumbai and Pune?

21 trains from Mumbai CST to Pune Junction

S#. Train No. Name
1. 12127 Mumbai CST – Pune Intercity SF Express
2. 11007 Deccan Express (Mumbai – Pune)
3. 11301 Udyan Express
4. 11029 Koyna Express

Is train started from Mumbai to Pune?

PUNE: The Central Railway has decided to resume the operations of Pune-Mumbai Deccan Queen and Deccan Express trains this week. “After relaxations of the Covid-induced restrictions in the state, the demand for these trains has increased. So, the services are being resumed.

Which trains are running to Pune?

all trains stopping at this railway station

train no. train name arrives
01350 Patna Pune Weekly Special 04:05
01184 MRJ CSMT SPL 22:20
11419 Pune – Nagpur Humsafar Express starts
11420 Nagpur – Pune Humsafar Express 08:05

Are trains operating in Pune?

Some of the popular trains traveling to Pune are Pune Brmt Pass(51451) to Mumbai operating 7 times a week, Pune Nzb Pass(51421) to Nizamabad operating 7 times a week, and Pune Mmr Pass(51401) to Manmad operating 7 times a week.

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How do I get from Mumbai to Pune lockdown?

Travel is now virtually unrestricted across the state. You will need an e-pass only if you are travelling to a Level 4 or Level 5 district. (You can apply for an e-pass here.) No district is at Level 5, but there is no clarity on the list of districts at Level 4.

Is Deccan Queen running?

Check 12123 Deccan Queen Ex live running status on every station.

12123 Running Status.

C Shivaji Mah T – Karjat 98 km
Source 18:33 18:33
17:10 17:10 18:35 18:35
On Time On Time
– Source – 2min

How can I go Pune?


  1. By Air. Pune airport is located about 10 km away from the city centre. Taxis are available from airport to city. …
  2. By Train. Pune is an important railway junction. …
  3. By Road. Pune is well-connected with all major cities in Maharashtra by state-owned bus services.

Are trains running between Mumbai and Kolhapur?

Approximately 5 trains are found running between Mumbai to Kolhapur covering a distance of approx 510 kms.

Is local train running in Pune?

Presently, 8 pairs of local trains (total 16) are running between Pune and Lonavla. Also, two pairs of DEMU trains run between Pune and Daund. PUNE: Those not vaccinated and those who have taken only one dose will not be allowed to travel in local trains between Pune and Lonavla, railway officials said.

Are local trains running from Pune to Lonavala?

Six local trains will now operate between the two destinations. Train number 01566 will depart Pune at 15.00 hours (3pm) every day and will reach Lonavla at 16.20 hours (4.20pm). Train number 01565 will start from Lonavla at 17.30 hours (5.30pm).

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How do I get from Mumbai airport to Pune?

The best option is to hire a taxi that will get you to Pune from the airport in around 3 to 5 hours depending on the hour of the day and traffic. This is the most convenient option to travel from Mumbai to Pune. You can try out services like KK Travels and Sandis.

What is famous in Pune to buy?

Fill your bags with these unique souvenirs from the city to cherish your time spent here!

  • Shrewsbury Biscuits From Kayani Bakery. …
  • Osho Chappals. …
  • Laxmi Narayan Chiwda and Chitale Bandhu Bhakarwadi. …
  • Poona Sarees. …
  • Warsaa – The Heritage Store. …
  • Either Or.

How many railway station are there in Pune?

There are 71 railway stations in Pune railway division.

List of railway stations and towns.

Category of station No. of stations Names of stations
Total 70

How many railway stations are there in Mumbai?

There are five major railway stations in Mumbai, of which Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus) and Central Railway Station are the major ones.