How many people in India are alcoholics?

16 crore Indians consume alcohol, these states being highest consumers: Survey.

Is alcoholism common in India?

Officially, Indians are still among the world’s lowest consumers of alcohol—government statistics show only 21% of adult men and around 2% of women drink.

Which is the most alcoholic state in India?

Uttar Pradesh highest consumer of alcohol in India, followed by West Bengal in second position: Study.

What country has the highest percentage of alcoholics?

Hungary has the highest prevalence of alcohol use disorders overall, with 21.2% of the total population afflicted. However, the per-gender numbers are even more informative, with 36.9% of men and 7.2% of females.

What percentage of humans are alcoholic?

Prevalence of Drinking: According to the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 85.6 percent of people ages 18 and older reported that they drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime,1 69.5 percent reported that they drank in the past year,2 and 54.9 percent (59.1 percent of men in this age group and …

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Is drinking a problem in India?

A third of Indian men drink alcohol, according to a new government report. More than 14% of all Indians aged between 10 and 75 drink. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 11% of Indians are binge drinkers, against the global average of 16%. … Around 30 million people consume alcohol in a “harmful manner”.

Why do people drink alcohol in India?

The alcohol consumption to many consumers in India is a way of relaxing and having a good time. Drinking in India is regulated and the allowed drinking age is 18 years and some parts of the country 21 years.

Who drinks the most in India?

In fact, Andhra Pradesh is by far India’s biggest drinking state, consuming 665 ml per capita per week on average, or nearly 34.5 litres per year, across types of alcohol.

Which country drinks the most?

France took the top spot with 132 days of alcohol consumption per year, or around three drinks a week. New Zealand followed with 120 days, and the Netherlands with 112 days. On average, respondents from the United States drank 83 days of the year, around two times a week.

Who drinks more India?

Men were more likely to drink than women by a large margin and were also more prone to episodic drinking. According to a study, over 88 percent of Indians aged under 25 purchase or consume alcoholic beverages even though it is illegal.

Which country drinks the most alcohol in Asia?

NEW DELHI (ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – People in South Korea are the most prolific drinkers in Asia, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). South Koreans over the age of 15 on average drink 10.9 litres of alcohol a year.

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Who has the highest alcohol tolerance in the world?

British people also show a fairly high tolerance for drink, needing more than people from countries like Germany, France and the US to “feel the effects”, feel “happiest” or to be “tipped” (getting more drunk than they wanted).

Do Japanese drink a lot of alcohol?

The majority of Japanese consumers drink alcoholic beverages at least once per week at home as revealed in a survey conducted in July 2020. The largest share of respondents stated they consume liquor once every two to three days, while more than 23 percent enjoyed a drink on a daily basis.

Who are the biggest drinkers in the world?

Australians have been named the heaviest drinkers in the world in a survey after spending more time drunk in 2020 than any other nation. The international survey found Australians drank to the point of drunkenness an average of 27 times a year, almost double the global average of 15.

Which country drinks the most alcohol 2019?

Belarus had the world’s highest level of alcohol consumption, with 17.5 liters of alcohol consumed per capita. The country’s high level of consumption has had serious health consequences on its residents.

What age group drinks the most alcohol?

was highest among adults aged 18–24 (35.6%) and 25–44 (34.3%), and decreased with increasing age after age 45. This pattern was observed for both men and women.