What is the time and day at Mumbai 73?

So, the time at Mumbai will be 9:14 pm (10:30 pm – 1:16 hrs). The day will remain Sunday.

What is the time and day at Mumbai 73 degrees * E when it is Sunday 10 30 pm at Shillong 92 degrees * e?

The longitudinal difference is 92° – 73° = 19°. So the time difference is 19 x 4 = 76 minutes or 1 hour 16 minutes or the time at Mumbai is 9.14 p.m.

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What would be the time and day at Mumbai 73 E when it is 10 50 am at Pittsburgh 80 W )?

(Ans) It will be 9:14pm on Sunday.

Is Mumbai located at 73 degree east longitude?

Mumbai is located at 73° E longitude. Kolkata is located at 88° E longitude.

What is time and day at Mumbai 73 Degree E when it is 8 30pm on Monday at Shillong 92 degree E?

Since, Mumbai lies to the west of Shillong, The time at Mumbai will be 1:16 hrs behind Shillong. So, the time at Mumbai will be 9:14 pm (10:30 pm – 1:16 hrs). The day will remain Sunday.

What is the local time when it is noon at a place?

It is at 12 o’clock.

What is the difference between the longitudes of Mumbai and Kolkata?

Complete answer:

Given, Mumbai is 73∘ east longitude, and Kolkata is situated at 88∘ east longitude. Where T is the local time of Mumbai, 15 is the longitudinal difference with the local time of Kolkata, and 4 is the minutes the sun rays make a difference for each degree longitude.

Is the local time at Mumbai is 3 pm then what would be the local time at Kolkata?

Answer : If the local time at Mumbai is 3 p.m. then the time in Kolkata would be 4: 02 p.m. The difference is approximate of an hour and exactly two more minutes.

When it is 08 00 am in Mumbai calculate the time at Canberra Canberra is located at 149 degrees E longitude and Mumbai is located at 73 degrees E longitude?

We will add the difference i.e. 6 hrs and 48 minutes to the time in Mumbai. So, 8:00am+6 hrs and 48=14 hrs and 48 min= 2:48pm.

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What is the time 80 degrees east when it is 12 noon at Greenwich?

Explanation: So at 80 degree east = time at Greenwich+ 5 hours 20 min. = 12+5 hr 20 min= 17 hr 30 min = 5:20pm.

What will be the time in India when it is 12 noon at Greenwich?

= 5.30 hoursLocal time at IST is 5.30 hours more than that at Greenwich, Therefore, if it is 12:00 pm at IST, it will be 6:30 am at GMT. Likewise, International Date Line is at 180o longitude. ​Therefore, it is 6.30 minutes ahead of IST.

When it is 12 noon in Greenwich 0 What is the time in India?

The time in India at 12 noon in Greenwich is:

At 12 noon GMT in Greenwich, 5:30 PM INST India.

How many longitudes pass the sun in one hour?

eastern and western hemispheres. In other words, the sun traverses 150 of longitudes per hour or one degree of longitude in every four minutes of time.

In which Coast Mumbai is located?

Mumbai lies on the Konkan coast on the west coast of India and has a deep natural harbour.

At what longitude is Mumbai located?

Latitude and Longitude Map of Maharashtra

Location Latitude Longitude
Bir 19° 00′ N 75° 50′ E
Bombay, (Mumbai) 18° 55′ N 72° 54′ E
Bori 20° 55′ N 79° 05′ E
Bramhapuri 20° 40′ N 79° 56′ E