You asked: What did the Portuguese intend to do when they first arrived in the Indian Ocean?

Seeking to divert the trade in spices, cloth, and gold to their advantage – to the detriment of western Asia, Egypt, and Venice – the Portuguese rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1498, and the fleet, led by Vasco da Gama, using knowledge gained from Bartolomeu Dias’s expedition in 1487–1488 and maybe also Pero de …

What was the main goal of the Portuguese when they arrived to the Indian Ocean?

The aim of Portugal in the Indian Ocean was to ensure the monopoly of the spice trade. Taking advantage of the rivalries that pitted Hindus against Muslims, the Portuguese established several forts and trading posts between 1500 and 1510.

What happened when the Portuguese arrived in Africa?

Consequences on the indigenous society

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The Portuguese replaced Arab control of the trade in ivory, gold and slaves with their own. They traded up the Zambezi river and interfered with the existing inland African trade. Only kingdoms that co-operated with the Portuguese benefited from this interference.

What did the Portuguese do in India?

For almost a century (1500–1600), the Portuguese held a monopoly on European exploration and trade in the Indian Ocean. Portuguese interests on the west coast of India were largely determined by sailing conditions, and in Goa they found a defensible island site with excellent harbour facilities on either side.

How did Portugal attempt to control trade in the Indian Ocean?

The Portuguese government took immediate interest in the Swahili city-states. They sent more ships to the eastern coast of Africa with three goals: to take anything of value they could find, to force the kings of the city to pay taxes to Portuguese tax collectors, and to gain control over the entire Indian Ocean trade.

What was Portugal’s main goal in beginning exploration?

The Portuguese goal of finding a sea route to Asia was finally achieved in a ground-breaking voyage commanded by Vasco da Gama, who reached Calicut in western India in 1498, becoming the first European to reach India.

Why was Portugal the first to explore?

Under the leadership of Prince Henry the Navigator, Portugal took the principal role during most of the fifteenth century in searching for a route to Asia by sailing south around Africa. In the process, the Portuguese accumulated a wealth of knowledge about navigation and the geography of the Atlantic Ocean.

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When did the Portuguese first arrived in Africa?

The most momentous discovery in western Africa, however, came in 1471, when Portuguese captains first reached the coast of modern Ghana between the mouths of the Ankobra and Volta rivers.

When did Portuguese came to India?

The first Portuguese encounter with the subcontinent was on 20 May 1498 when Vasco da Gama reached Calicut on the Malabar Coast.

Why did the Portuguese sail directly to India?

The plan for working on the Cape Route to India was charted by Portuguese King John II as a cost saving measure in the trade with Asia and also an attempt to monopolize the spice trade.

What did the Portuguese first came to India in search of?

The Portuguese came to India in search of Spices. Vasco da Gama of Portugal was the first to discover a sea route from Europe to India in 1498 AD. The first Portuguese factory was established in Calicut, India in 1500 AD.

How did the Portuguese establish their trading Centres in India?

Vasco da Gama came to India for the second time in 1501 with 20 ships and founded a trading centre at Cannanore. One after another, they established factories at Calicut and Cochin. King Zamorin attacked the Portuguese in Cochin but was defeated. Cochin was the first capital of the Portuguese East India Company.

How did Portuguese trade in India?

Portuguese trade with India had been a crown monopoly since the Portuguese captain Vasco da Gama opened the sea route to India in 1497–1499. The monopoly had been managed by the Casa da Índia, the royal trading house founded around 1500, it is a first to start a joint stock company to trade in india.

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How did Europe first enter Indian Ocean trade?

Europe Intrudes on the Indian Ocean Trade

Portuguese sailors under Vasco da Gama (~1460–1524) rounded the southern point of Africa and ventured into new seas. The Portuguese were eager to join in the Indian Ocean trade since European demand for Asian luxury goods was extremely high.

How did the Portuguese enjoy monopoly in trade in India?

Portuguese and the Spice Trade. After Vasco de Gama discovered the sea route to India Portuguese ships monopolized the spice trade. … The price of pepper in Lisbon was one of what was when the pepper trade was controlled by Egyptian sultans. Portugal established a pepper monopoly by 1504.

What effect did the Portuguese have on Indian Ocean trade quizlet?

Terms in this set (5) The Portuguese initially dominated trade in the Indian Ocean because of their superior ships and firepower. They captured important trading posts like Goa and Malacca, which allowed them to control much of the spice trade.